European style and design

European style and design

Choosing a Wood flooring can turn out to be a tough chore if we keep in mind the great variety of colors, finished and styles you can choose from.

A good starting point is to imagine the room or space to be used and the needs of said space.


It is important to think about the use that will be given to said room, as well as the kind of activities that will take place in said room.
For rooms or areas heavily transited, it is recommended to choose a floor with a natural color and an ultramat or supermat finish.


This kind of finishes are more resistant and capable of camouflaging any possible scratches due to residues that web bring from the outside (sand, pebbles…)


When choosing a Wood flooring it is necessary to keep in mind the size of the room, the visual effect with the rest of the house and harmony with the other rooms.

For ample spaces, the floor becomes a main decorative element.
For small spaces with low ceilings, its recommendable to choose lighter colors in the walls as well as a light color in the floor in order to create the sensation of space, otherwise, the space would end up looking smaller.


Colors and finishes can have a bigger influence in the final look of the flooring that we think.

It is important to have a clear idea of the effect that one wants to achieve and how the chosen color will influence the space or room as a whole. Wood floorings are stay in a room for longer than any other tendency so we recommend a choice of a during style.

The lightening of the room, as well as the incidence that natural light might have, will also have an influence in the visual perception of the color, we recommend, when possible, to choose the color at the site where the installation will take place.

If you would rather go for a classic style, we recommend natural finishes, but, if by the contrary, you prefer modern, design interiors, darker or black color are the most popular option.

When choosing a Wood flooring it is highly recommended that you look at a sample first and check the visual effect of it in the space where it will be installed, in order to save ourselves from a bad decision.
We must keep in mind that samples are always illustrative and never represent the total reality, since flooring is natural product where the tone and grain might vary.  

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